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Friday, January 13, 2006

Coming of Age Day

On last Monday, the ceremony of coming of age day was held in my hometown.

I went to the place where the ceremony was held with my friend. There were so many people. I wanted to see my junior high school friends, but I could find just some of them... In addition, the hall wasn't large enough for us to get in. I and my friend didn't listen to people on the stage for a long time.

After the ceremony was over, there were more people... I called one of my junior high school friends to see and to talk, but it was too crowded to find her. I and my friend stayed there about two hours after the ceremony. We wanted to go to purikura, but we couldn't. We didn't have enough time to go because we planted to go to our high school. Students of my high school who was the same year as mine were going to go to my high school to see. I met some friends of mine. They were all beautiful in furisode.

After that, I and the friend went to karaoke and had dinner with another friend.

I remember that my brother had the ceremony of coming of age day last year, and now, my ceremony of coming of age day is over. A year is short... Recently, I really think so. On the 13th of January in 2007, I will have finished study abroad. I think that 2007 will be short for me again. Maybe shorter. So I want to make this year meaningful and beneficial.


Blogger YukaMori said...

Oh, you and your furisode are beautiful!! It suits you well :)

>We wanted to go to purikura, but we couldn't.
Me neither. I wanted to do that with some of my friends, but it was tiring for us to ride on a train....

You went to your highschool? That is nice! You had a wonderful time on that day.

Yes, I also think that a year is short. This year seems to be turning point in our lives for me. I have to try my best.

3:26 AM  
Blogger Megumi Kakimoto said...

Hi, Mika! Long time no see?! lol.

Oh, the color of your furisode was red★ You look beautiful ^ - ^ Humm... red must be a popular color as the furisode for the celemony of Comming of Age Day! Many of my friends wore also red or black frisode.
Mine was orange★ Oh... I'm in minority!!!!!

Megumi K :- )

1:32 PM  
Blogger Mika said...

Thank you for your comments!

To Yuka
Time we spend in KGU will effect our lives very much.
In next year, you will take "zemi," right? I'm interested in it, but I won't be able to take it...

To Megu
Hi, long time no see!! lol
I found many people in red furisode... and yes, black was popular. When I and my sister went shopping to get furisode, she suggested black one. But it is like for a funeral, so I refused it.Though it is up to design, I wanted furisode which has happy color.

4:43 PM  

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