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I'm a university student and belong to karate circle in the university. I like sports very much. In my junior high school and high school days, I belonged to volleyball club, and track and field club. I enjoyed both of them, and now I like watching these sports on TV. I also like animals and have a dog and 7 Japanese killifish. I want to have a cat, too. However, my father don't like cats, and my dog, Rug, will chase the cat. So I will not be able to have any cat...

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Gaidai Festival and Our Performance

Gaidai Festival started on November 3, and today my circle had a performance.
We came to school in the morning and started to prepare for the performance. We carried out blocks, boards, trash boxes, blue sheets, tiles, and mitts from a room which many circles share. Then we noticed that a bat we were going to use for the performance was gone! I thought that it had been stolen by someone because I had ever heard that various things were often stolen when the festival was coming. On the performance, one of the members was supposed to break the bat, so we looked for it, but in vain. We gave up finding it, and I went on a bat run.
Though another bat cost
3000 yen, our performance succeeded!
We didn’t expect that the bat would be stolen, and we should have cared about our stuff more. But we are angry at the person who stole the bat, and if I see the bat somewhere, I’ll get it back!!


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