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Friday, October 14, 2005

One of My Favorite Singers

One of my favorite singers who I haven't written about on my blog is Sheryl Crow. She is new for me yet because I have come to listen to her songs recently, maybe in this spring.
The reason why I came to listen to her songs is that her best album was introduced when I went to a CD shop to get LOVE PSYCHEDELICO's best album. A comment for Sheryl Crow said that people who listen to LOVE PSYCHEDELICO's songs would like to listen to her songs, too. I owed her best album to TSUTAYA, and she became my favorite singer.
Her songs make me relaxed. I think that they are not for when you want to be excited, but when you want to relax. I didn’t know her at all until I listened to her songs, but I think that I had ever heard some songs in the album. The CD is her best album, so I recommend you to listen to it first if you are interested in her songs.
On September, she released new album, “Wildflower,” and now the lead track of the album, “Good Is Good,” can be listened with image. I like this song and going to listen to the album. Have a look if you are interested in it!

Good Is Good♪←until October 31
Official Site


Blogger Yoshiko said...

Hi, I'm a freshman named Yoshiko from Adam's IES-B class. I'm making a comment on your blog as one of the class work.(^W^*)/
I really like her songs too!! I came to know her when one of my friends lent me the Sheryl's Album as her recommendation. Soon I'm fascinated by her beautiful voice and the way to sing a song. I didn't know about that she released the new album.(TwT;) I'll listen to them as soon as possible! Thank you for the welcome information☆★

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