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I'm a university student and belong to karate circle in the university. I like sports very much. In my junior high school and high school days, I belonged to volleyball club, and track and field club. I enjoyed both of them, and now I like watching these sports on TV. I also like animals and have a dog and 7 Japanese killifish. I want to have a cat, too. However, my father don't like cats, and my dog, Rug, will chase the cat. So I will not be able to have any cat...

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Koala Is Marsupial!

On last weekend, I received an air-mail from my friend who studies abroad in Australia. She sent me a picture postcard of a koala in the mail. It is very cute and looks like a small bear. On the opposite side of the picture, it says "The Koala is a nocturnal, tree dwelling marsupial mammal, ..." I didn't know that koala was marsupial until I read it! I had thought that marsupial animal that I know was only kangaroo, so I was shocked because koala was very familiar with me and because I had ever seen it sometimes. In my image, young koala is on mother's back, but not in mother's pocket. I still can't believe it... If the mother hangs on a tree, I think that young koala in her pocket will be squashed! Anyway, koala is marsupial though I STILL can’t believe. Where is your pocket? Please show me with your child in it!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday is English Day

I have three classes on Friday, and they are all English classes!!
1st period is Stephen's class.
Finally, we finished Middle East!! It was very tough, wasn't it? I am not good at world history and geography, so it was very hard. Where is Israel? Palestine?? Jerusalem??? I know that I've ever seen them on the map many times, but I always forget easily where they are. So I often need an atlas. But in summer vacation, one of my friends borrowed my atlas, and I still don't have it back. Now, the friend is in Shiga for a course of child care which lasts until 29th...
The history of Middle East is complicated!!!!!

2nd period is lunch time.♪♪♪

3rd period is Trends 1.
This class is for study abroad, and the teacher's name is Scott! So I have two Scotts!!! He is funny, too, but I don't like the class very much because I still don't understand well what I'll study about in the class and because reading is from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is difficult to read in English... A lot of difficult words... But I like the teacher, and we don't have many assignments.

4th period is (another) Scott's class.
I had already been sleepy in 3rd period, and today's movie, "Dr. Strangelove", had a lot of conversation scenes, maybe... So I was very sleepy and couldn't understand the movie enough... I like "Invasion of ..." and "The Day the Earth..." I prefer this kind of movie to "Dr. Strangelove" I should have had coffee before class started.
I didn't understand "Dr. Strangelove" well, so I went to Tsutaya to take the movie. But they were gone! I have to manage to watch it in this weekend.

This is my Friday!

Friday, October 14, 2005

One of My Favorite Singers

One of my favorite singers who I haven't written about on my blog is Sheryl Crow. She is new for me yet because I have come to listen to her songs recently, maybe in this spring.
The reason why I came to listen to her songs is that her best album was introduced when I went to a CD shop to get LOVE PSYCHEDELICO's best album. A comment for Sheryl Crow said that people who listen to LOVE PSYCHEDELICO's songs would like to listen to her songs, too. I owed her best album to TSUTAYA, and she became my favorite singer.
Her songs make me relaxed. I think that they are not for when you want to be excited, but when you want to relax. I didn’t know her at all until I listened to her songs, but I think that I had ever heard some songs in the album. The CD is her best album, so I recommend you to listen to it first if you are interested in her songs.
On September, she released new album, “Wildflower,” and now the lead track of the album, “Good Is Good,” can be listened with image. I like this song and going to listen to the album. Have a look if you are interested in it!

Good Is Good♪←until October 31
Official Site

Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Boyfriend of My Sister

I have a younger sister who is 1 year highschool student. During summer vacation, she got a boy friend. I know who he is because he was one of my classmates when I was in junior highschool!! In addition, he is my best friend's childhood friend! I was surprised to know who my sister's boyfriend is. We, four, have very close relations to each other!!
However my sister is a distress to my parents because...
she often slips out at midnight and doesn't come back at least 2 hours (my house isn't far from his very much)
she makes up too much
she rides on her boyfriend's motercycle with him
Though he is very good person, I sometimes worry about her. However she doesn't listen to me. On the contrary, she comes to my room and asks me which cloth to wear on next date!! And moreover, tomorrow they will go to USJ with tickets which were given to her, I, and my mother! I had thought that I would go to USJ with my sister and mother...

I will not forgive her and will take her ticket someday!!!