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Friday, July 01, 2005

Mika vs....

After I took a bath, I went to the kitchen to get something to drink. I finished it and intended to go to the kitchen sink to wash a cup. Then I saw something cross quickly in front of me and realized what it was. It was a COCKROACH!!! I shuddered to see it and couldn't move. Both I and it didn't move for a while, but I became cool and thought that I must kill it. Since I had nothing to beat it, I moved to get something. Then it moved, too, and ran into backside of a box in a corner. I didn't want to lose sight of it, so I drubed and moved the box with my foot making as long distance as I could. And then it came out of the corner rustling, but it was overturned, somehow, and baffling like a pill bug. I stared at it for a while because I'd never seen such a funny scene, but thinking that it was good chance to get something to beat it, I went to a living room and found today's newspaper. I went back to the kitchen with it in a hurry hoping that nobody needed the newspaper, but I stopped moving to see the cockroach wasn't overturned any more and was watching for human moving its feelers. It was too late, and it ran into a built-in. I'll never open it. Be careful with cockroaches, their season have come...


Blogger Nakaeri said...

OH ! MIKA!!!
Did YOU battled WITH that horrible rustling, glistening, black thing!!!
You are great!!
But I couldn’t understand one thing…what is “a built-in”??
Did you succeeded to catch the “thing” in the end or you lose??
Please tell me!!
But anyway, your post was so exciting! I laughed a lot. Love you.
I have never seen that Black creature since I moved to my new apartment,but when I was in my Home town, I also had experienced which I fought with that black creature..
The horriblest experience was, when I fought with the black one,
the creature moved its pale wing and was frying forward to my face!!

I screamed and run away.

3:01 PM  
Blogger Mika said...

Was this story exciting? Before it happened, I had felt like eating sweets, but after it happened, I went straight to my room...
A built-in is a kind of shelf which is made when a house is built.
Since the cockroach ran into it, I couldn't catch it and lost... Do you know that it is said that if you see a cockroach, there are a hundred of cockroaches? Ahhhhhhhh!!

Did that cockroach get on your face, or just fly toward you? I've never seen it flying. It will be terrible scene!!
The most terrible experience I had is that a cockroach walked on my foot!!!!!!
Prepare somthing to beat it, or you lose.

8:44 PM  
Blogger erikomatsumura said...

Hi^^ Mika♪~♪ This is eriboubo☆彡Your title is funny:-) and your discription of buttle is so clear!! I could imagine your situation(~o~)I'm sorry to hear that. I hate cockroach very much. I don't like its color "Bright black"!!! maybe we have to fight with it more this season^^;;
anyway I love "LOVE PSYCHEDELICO", too.^m^ I bought best albam off them☆彡

10:19 AM  
Blogger aya said...

hi,this is aya!your battle is!!if i'm in your position,i can NEVER do!!!uhhh!!yeah,THE season has come...NO WAY!
by the way,i set your link on my blog,so please check it just to make sure.see you later!

12:06 AM  
Blogger scott-o said...

what a fun story, Mika thanks. I shared it with my wife, who, like you seems to have a thing about cockroaches. true they are fast, but they are like anyother bug: squash 'em quick and move on. At least they aren't posionous. i suggest keeping a weapon in the kitchen from now on since that is where y ou usually see them and running to get the paper simply takes to long.

btw, yes this story was exciting. good work.

8:51 PM  

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