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Friday, June 17, 2005

Uptown Girls

Yesterday, I watched a movie, 'Uptown Girls,' though I couldn't have had time to watch a movie... But I watched it in English! (of course) ...with Japanese subtitle...

Anyway, I'll write a comment on the movie.

The story is about two girls, though I may have to say a woman who is 22 years old and a little girl. The main character is Molly who is played by Britany Murphy, and an important 8-year-old girl, Ray is played by Dakota Fanning. She appears in 'I am Sam', and I think she is very cute!!

The maincharacter, Molly who is very rich, is forced to work as a sitter of Ray because of losing all of her money. Ray is forward and prig, and Molly is very childish and slipshod. In this movie, change of the relationship of them is described.

Near the end of the movie, I was moved. But most parts of it were funny to watch. The point that I recommend you to watch is calmness of Ray. Their transaction is funny because of Molly's childishness.

It does not take long time to watch the movie. It is only 93 minutes. So I recommend you to watch the movie.


Blogger yuri said...

hi, mika-nyan!!!!!!!!!!
i'm yuri who is aya's friend and eat lunch with you on wednesday!! i'm soooooooooo surprised at finding your blog by chance!!!!!
i've never seen "uptown girls", but i know the title, and i like dakota fanning too!!!! i wanna see the movie!!
see you l8er, and visit my blog!!

12:07 AM  
Blogger Mika said...

Wow!!! I never thought to get your comment!
"Uptown Girls" was very nice, and I was moved. Though I couldn't find the movie in AV library, I think it's worth lending!!
See you on Wednesday, and I'll visit your blog!!!

1:46 AM  

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