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Friday, June 03, 2005

about raccoon

I have been interested in raccoon since I saw it, but I did not know that there was no raccoon in Japan originally. So I researched on raccoon on the Internet to know more about it.

Their home is North America, and they came to Japan around 1962 and are escaping in Hokkaido and Gifu prefecture. The problems are damage to agriculture and dairying and agency of rabid. It is said that Japanese came to keep raccoons because of the famous animation, Araiguma Rascal.

I got information of raccoon from National Institute for Environmental Studies. You will see not only about autochthonous animals but also about global environment, environmental information, and so on.

National Institute for Environmental Studies

When I was researching on raccoon, I found a home page of Araiguma Rascal. Though I do not know about Rascal very much, he is very cute!!! I understand the reason why Japanese came to keep raccoons.

the home page of Araiguma Rascal


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