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I'm a university student and belong to karate circle in the university. I like sports very much. In my junior high school and high school days, I belonged to volleyball club, and track and field club. I enjoyed both of them, and now I like watching these sports on TV. I also like animals and have a dog and 7 Japanese killifish. I want to have a cat, too. However, my father don't like cats, and my dog, Rug, will chase the cat. So I will not be able to have any cat...

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Friday, June 24, 2005

today's after school

Today, I had very hard practice. I think that it was the hardest practice since I became 2nd year student. The reason why today's practice was very hard is that on July 24th, match (game? shiai?) is going to be held, though I haven't decided whether I will join or not because I don't think that I will have been prepared enough for it. It needs staying power, and I heard that seniors often went for a jog.
Even if I start to go for a jog today, I will not be prepared for the match. But there are three or four matches in a year… But I don’t want to join the match to lose… sigh
Anyway, I had very hard practice today.

After the practice, I visited an apartment of one of seniors with another senior, and we had dinner. We talked about their part-time job and their boyfriends and made a plan of a party for two of our members who go study abroad next semester. Members of my circle are on very good term because we don’t have a lot of people in the circle, so I will miss those two people...

I’m so tired that I finish this here. Good night…☆

Friday, June 17, 2005

Uptown Girls

Yesterday, I watched a movie, 'Uptown Girls,' though I couldn't have had time to watch a movie... But I watched it in English! (of course) ...with Japanese subtitle...

Anyway, I'll write a comment on the movie.

The story is about two girls, though I may have to say a woman who is 22 years old and a little girl. The main character is Molly who is played by Britany Murphy, and an important 8-year-old girl, Ray is played by Dakota Fanning. She appears in 'I am Sam', and I think she is very cute!!

The maincharacter, Molly who is very rich, is forced to work as a sitter of Ray because of losing all of her money. Ray is forward and prig, and Molly is very childish and slipshod. In this movie, change of the relationship of them is described.

Near the end of the movie, I was moved. But most parts of it were funny to watch. The point that I recommend you to watch is calmness of Ray. Their transaction is funny because of Molly's childishness.

It does not take long time to watch the movie. It is only 93 minutes. So I recommend you to watch the movie.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Ugly Duckling

The members of our group are Mika, Kaori, and Eri. We researched on The Ugly Duckling.

In this page, you will see the plot and significance of The Ugly Duckling.

Hans Christian Andersen
the story of The Ugly Duckling

information about Hans Christian Andersen

Friday, June 10, 2005


Today, I'll write about reports I have to write.
I have two reorts to write in environmental science class and human rights class, and the due of the report of human rights class is the last class in June. What I have to write is something which relate to human rights, and for the report, I have to read two books or one book and one movie. I'm going to watch a movie for the report, but I have no idea what to watch. However I looked for some movies which interest me, though I'm not sure if they are something to do with human rights. These are the movies which interest me.
Uptown Girls
   The advertisement interested me very much, and Avril's song, 'complicated' is used in this movie! But I'm not sure I can write the report about this movie.
Angela's Ashes
I forgot about the story of this movie, but I remenber thinking that this movie would suit to write the report the best of these movies.
My life without me
Japanese title was very interesting to me, but I don't think I can use this movie for the report.
To Dance With the White Dog
I often heard that this story was good, but I haven't read it, so I want to watch this movie.
The report will take very long time, so I want to start as earlier as I can. However I don't know a movie to chose. So if you know any movie which is something to do with human rights, please let me know!!

Friday, June 03, 2005

about raccoon

I have been interested in raccoon since I saw it, but I did not know that there was no raccoon in Japan originally. So I researched on raccoon on the Internet to know more about it.

Their home is North America, and they came to Japan around 1962 and are escaping in Hokkaido and Gifu prefecture. The problems are damage to agriculture and dairying and agency of rabid. It is said that Japanese came to keep raccoons because of the famous animation, Araiguma Rascal.

I got information of raccoon from National Institute for Environmental Studies. You will see not only about autochthonous animals but also about global environment, environmental information, and so on.

National Institute for Environmental Studies

When I was researching on raccoon, I found a home page of Araiguma Rascal. Though I do not know about Rascal very much, he is very cute!!! I understand the reason why Japanese came to keep raccoons.

the home page of Araiguma Rascal