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Friday, May 20, 2005

new members

Today, I practiced karate at Katahoko gym. Recently, some people come to every practice to see or to know what our practice is like though some of them have already decided to join us. So I'm look forward to practice with them.

Last year, there were not so many people in my circle, but now the number of visitors may be larger than that of the members!! In addition, most of them are enthusiastic. Some of them have ever practiced martial arts, but others have not. When we are practicing karate, they often ask a lot of questions about karate irrespective of their experiences, furthermore, most of them come on his or her own, even when the place we practice is far from school, though people seem to tend to come to see a club or circle with his or her friends. So I think that they are enthusiastic.

I hope that they join us. It will be more enjoyable if the number of members gets bigger.


Blogger scott-o said...

I miss doing martial arts. I tried to do shaorinji kempo when I first came to japan, but the language barrier was too great. now i am not sure i could find the time for it, but i know i need to be more active. i really miss the comraderie and activity of being involved in a martial arts group.... sigh. enjoy it mika.

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