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Friday, May 13, 2005


Yuka Mori's post interests me! Mostly birds start to twitter at about four fourty? According to her post on May 12, she often heard dirds start to twitter on four forty.

The due of the essay about my identity was on last Tuesday, and I couldn't have enough time to sleep because of finishing it. (My friends seemed to be tired in Tuesday morning.) When I went to bed, I thought that it had passed at least four thirty and birds had already started to twitter, and it was getting lighter. Do they have exact time to start twittering!?

I searched information about the time they start twittering, but I didn't get exact information that I wanted. However, many people said that around four or five o'clock birds start twittering. You will see that if you type ''four o'clock'' when you use the Internet.

Then I wondered whether the season affect the time or not. So if I have plenty of time to search about it, I'll do!!

By the way, Yuka, you should go to bed earier! You will make your condition worse!!!


Blogger YukaMori said...

I never thought that my post about birds would interest you.
Oh, really? Do birds in your city also start twittering at about four forty? Then, one of my questions (Do birds which live in other places do it at the same time?) is solved.
It is sure that birds start twittering around four or five o'clock by your research, mine and what I heard crows started croaking at five o'clock on Monday.
I did not come up with seasons! If you find the answer, please let me know.
I agree with you really because of my tooth…!

6:32 PM  
Blogger Nakaeri said...

Hey,birds at Hirakata also start twitter around 4:40!! It's so suddenly and I was very surprised but...oh! It's Same time!!!

4:36 AM  

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