Location: Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan

I'm a university student and belong to karate circle in the university. I like sports very much. In my junior high school and high school days, I belonged to volleyball club, and track and field club. I enjoyed both of them, and now I like watching these sports on TV. I also like animals and have a dog and 7 Japanese killifish. I want to have a cat, too. However, my father don't like cats, and my dog, Rug, will chase the cat. So I will not be able to have any cat...

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Friday, May 27, 2005


My parents and neighbor say that a coon appears recently in the area which my house is in, and the reason may be that someone who could not keep it anymore abandoned it. There are rice fields and fields for vegetables in the area, so the coon comes to get food.

Yesterday, when I was reaching my house from walking with my dog, he heard something making noise in water. He ran toward the noise, and we found an animal. It was so dark that I could not see what it was, and at first, I thought it was a cat. But I also thought that it was strange that cat was in the river, so I looked into it again and found a coon there!! I was surprised very much, but it did not run away. So I watched it for some minutes carefully. It had striped tail and was very cute! So I tried to take pictures by my sell phone, but I could not because it was too dark to take a picture. While I was trying to take pictures, my dog kept barking, so it ran away swashing. After it ran away, we looked for it for a while, but we could not find it at last.

It had already passed 7 o’clock, so I guess that the coon was acting because it is luminous. I want see it again, so if I have a free time in the evening, I will take a walk.

I could not take any picture of the coon, so I looked for pictures of coons in the Internet. This is the address of the HP. Have a look if you are interested in it.

Friday, May 20, 2005

new members

Today, I practiced karate at Katahoko gym. Recently, some people come to every practice to see or to know what our practice is like though some of them have already decided to join us. So I'm look forward to practice with them.

Last year, there were not so many people in my circle, but now the number of visitors may be larger than that of the members!! In addition, most of them are enthusiastic. Some of them have ever practiced martial arts, but others have not. When we are practicing karate, they often ask a lot of questions about karate irrespective of their experiences, furthermore, most of them come on his or her own, even when the place we practice is far from school, though people seem to tend to come to see a club or circle with his or her friends. So I think that they are enthusiastic.

I hope that they join us. It will be more enjoyable if the number of members gets bigger.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Yuka Mori's post interests me! Mostly birds start to twitter at about four fourty? According to her post on May 12, she often heard dirds start to twitter on four forty.

The due of the essay about my identity was on last Tuesday, and I couldn't have enough time to sleep because of finishing it. (My friends seemed to be tired in Tuesday morning.) When I went to bed, I thought that it had passed at least four thirty and birds had already started to twitter, and it was getting lighter. Do they have exact time to start twittering!?

I searched information about the time they start twittering, but I didn't get exact information that I wanted. However, many people said that around four or five o'clock birds start twittering. You will see that if you type ''four o'clock'' when you use the Internet.

Then I wondered whether the season affect the time or not. So if I have plenty of time to search about it, I'll do!!

By the way, Yuka, you should go to bed earier! You will make your condition worse!!!

Reseach for Urashima Taro

The point I focus on is Japanese etiquette. After Urashima helped the tortoise, he had a feast and got the Tamate-Bako.

This site has information about etiquette, but it is not what I want. It seems to be for foreign worker in Japan.

The Japan Forum
This site has an idea contest of Japanese class.

Japan Research
This site has basic information of Japan and seems to be for travelers.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Golden Week

2 of 3 days in golden week, they were not enjoyable at all... I was going to go shopping with my family, but when I woke up in the morning of the first day, I was told that my cousin's grandmother passed away. So my parents had to go to her house to help her family holding the ceremony, and I was asked to do a lot of house work. The ceremony took two whole days. My parents were very busy, and I had to stay at my house.

However, I enjoyed on third day. I went to the museum in Kyoto that held the mystery of human body, with my mother and younger sister. All the sumples were left their bodies to science, and it was very shocking. But I really thought that human body is very mysteriouse and complicated.

In the evening, I ate out with the members of track and field club in my high school. We are very friendly with each other, and we meet three or four times in a year. It was the last day of golden week, so we didn' t talk so long as we had talked when we were high school students, but I had very good time with them.